Strong Black AND SINGLE

Christian and Single


Have you ever wondered why increasing numbers of black women are single?

Have you noticed the number of single people within your church community?

Are you a church leader or member interested in the retention of members?

Have you encountered the experiences of singleness for the women in your community?

Do you have academic or personal interest in singleness as a gendered, religious or racialised identity?

Are you a single Christian?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this workshop is for you.

Think about organising a group at your church or local training centre to attend this session. Come and be stimulated, alarmed, fed, entertained and challenged.


Aims of the evening:

  1. Review the Strong Black Woman narrative.
  2. Interrogate masculinity and its role in female Christian singleness.
  3. Experience artistic reflections, from poetry to music.
  4. Explore new narratives for ‘doing’ Black womanhood.


 £30 per person


For more information and bookings email