Dr Val Bernard-Allan is a motivational sociologist working to enable participants to find their significance


Val delivers inspirational presentations through her brand of motivational sociology. She utilises her leadership experiences and sociological insights to help other leaders see a better way. She enthuses her audiences to take a fresh and critical look at how to achieve significance.

Dr. Val Bernard-Allan is a lecturer in sociology and founder of the Cooperative Centre for Sociological Conversations. Her educationally entertaining seminars leaves her audiences challenged, more informed and purposeful.



Val offers training courses suited for both new and experienced managers, leaders, and community activists.

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If you would like Val to speak at your next event, email valbernardallan@gmail.com.


Let us draw Moses from the Water

A personal development course for women


This course will take place over four months beginning on Sunday 25th November.

The aim of the course is to give you the practical and spiritual toolkit needed to step away from singleness and into effective relationship.

Session 1

You will learn the spiritual and cultural causes behind Black women’s singleness.

Session 2

We will explore how you can use a God given facility to see what is possible

Session 3

Learn how to talk your future into existence and discover the power of intentional praying.

Session 4

We will commit to a paradigm shift that reveals the path to emotional abundance

The course offers you a supportive network of ‘sistas’ who will cheer you on as you discover yourself and move towards love. You will also be able to draw on the personal support of Dr Val Bernard-Allan throughout the course.

The following course will take place over four months beginning on Sunday 25th November. The dates for the other 3 sessions will be available shortly.

Contact valbernardallan@gmail.com for more information.