The Sociology of Ministry


Britain is currently facing many challenges and this has had major impact on the life-blood of the church. The levels of uncertainty and pressure that people face affect the work of the church and of course the work of ministers. The church faces  the challenge of how best to maintain or increase its relevance in changing times.  Increasing secularisation within Britain and intensely individualistic media promoted forms of spirituality has left the church questioning how to minister to a secular community, their multicultural members and Britain’s indigenous population. In addition, internal schisms within the different layers of the church’s community complicate the pastors/leaders work. Oftentimes these schisms highlight cultural, racial or gendered issues that can leave them disappointed, misunderstood and overworked. 

This 4 day workshop will give participants the much needed sociological opportunity to really take stock of some of the key issues that confront and challenge all social actors in society. It will provide an important platform to help participants’ review their leadership, calling and ministry.


Workshop participants will...

  1. Begin to grasp how multiple groups interweave and produce social interactions that we call society.
  2. Discover that social dynamics, once processed through a sociological lens will provide them with invaluable tools for building personal confidence.
  3. Maintain or advance a sense of relevance in their work and the work of their local churches.
  4. Secure a sense of relevance and energised  to pursue personal and ministerial effectiveness.




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